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The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.

~ Arabian proverb
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My Heart and Soul - READY IN ROUGE (ROUGIE)
Born:      April 28, 2008
Passed:  March 18, 2017
Breed:    Thoroughbred
Memorial to Rougie

A large chunk of my heart and my soul has been taken with the passing of my courageous, sweet, quirky, and stoic friend Rougie (Ready In Rouge).

I adopted Rougie from Bear Valley Rescue in Sundre, Alberta in April of 2013. She had come to Bear Valley emaciated and covered in rain rot-bailed from a feedlot. The first time Rouge and I locked eyes, my whole body felt a wave of emotion so strong I knew we needed each other to walk through a very loving path of humbleness, love and heart connection.

I must say it has been a very tough road as we have had to fight some tough battles for Rouge to gain some kind of healthy, pain-free chunks of time. Rouge has always shown strength and grace throughout all her battles and made me stronger through my physical and mental health battles.

This one last battle on March 18th was her last.  Once again, she gave it her all and helped us battle with her. Unfortunately, this last battle could not be won.  We helped her pass on, to cross that Rainbow Bridge where her only struggles will be to decide which blade of grass is sweeter or which fruits to eat first.

Run free my most noble friend and loving pal. Your pasture mates and I - plus all those who had the honour of meeting and falling in love with your most unique character - will miss you. No more kissing that soft most adorable nose of yours. Rest easy.

Many thanks to Greg, Harvey, Laurie, Brian, and Buzz for supporting Rougie and my last day together, knowing we would be in the best of hands no matter the outcome. To all my friends that sent their best wishes...Rouge and I thank you too.

Mary Ellen Lickfold
Dear Rougie and Mary Ellen,
I'm so grateful for the time you two had together. You both knew love in its most honest and deepest form unconditionally.
I'm glad to have come into your lives via the university of Facebook.
Your story will go on... Much love.
Mary Ellen,
What a beautiful horse! My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
Mary Ellen,
My heart skipped a beat when I read of Rouge's passing. She was beautiful; welcoming to me; a little cheeky; a lot of bossy and totally loved.
Thank you for allowing me the honor of meeting her and so very proudly sharing her history with me. You are one very proud Momma.
I can't imagine how heavy your heart is. I hope the beautiful memories you have of your Rougie eventually lighten the load and put a smile on your face.
All my love,
Mary Ellen,
Beautiful tribute.
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Born:      July 16, 1998
Passed:  May 27, 2016
Breed:    Standardbred
Memorial to Red Star Rocketman (Little Red)

Those who know the breed will claim the Standardbred is the world's best keep secret!

Karen Kantor

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Passed:  December 5, 2016
When it comes time to let them go,
I find comfort that I know -
Where all the horses go.
To all us cowboy brethren, We know it's called

My mare's name was Chocolate,
and of course she was just as sweet.
That chocolate coloured hair she wore,
I thought was pretty neat!

There is no other horse like her.
I know that for a fact.
After all these years we've had together,
I'm still in one piece; and all intact.

The friendship the we shared together
Really has no bounds.
She was loyal, trusting and giving, with a big heart;
Just a great horse all around.

I have been blessed in many ways I know;
and I have the Lord to thank.
For this one fine horse I've partnered with,
I REALLY want to thank.

It's a real privilege to befriend
one of God's creatures to her end.
It has come time to let her go;
as I find comfort that I know
where all the horses go

Phil Damiano

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Goodbye to Barney and Cody
Born:      1986 and 1987
Passed:  August 21, 2013
Breed:    Barney - Quarterhorse **** Cody - Thoroughbred

August 21st  will always be one of the saddest days of our lives.

Two friends .. two companions .. two beautiful creatures who, through no fault of their own, took that inevitable journey to greener pastures beyond.

Their passing was peaceful and gentle but it was hard to accept that they would not be waking from this sleep. It's hard to think I will not see them everytime I look out my kitchen window; taking that walk over to the waterer as they did every morning and evening. Nor would they be blissfully running through our pasture or lazily grazing for hours without a care in the world.

But time changes everything and as we all get older, we have to make decisions that are not always pleasant but are necessary. We too had to start a new chapter in our lives and it was with great sadness that we could not take our friends with us.

I am so grateful for Greg from Just Passing coming out and guiding us through and working with our Vet. I know deep down that Barney and Cody knew we did this out of love for them.

It was hard to see my husband have to say goodbye to his buddy Barney of 27 years; I know his heart was breaking inside.

We are so grateful to have had them in our lives and we will always remember them.

Goodbye Barney.  Goodbye Cody.

Marg Wollbaum


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My beautiful baby girl Carlyn
Born:      July 2008
Passed:  August 26, 2013
Breed:    Quarterhorse

My beautiful 5 year old mare had to be euthanized on Monday night. She had gotten caught up in a fence on the property I boarded at and the damage to her legs was too severe for the vet to save her. She was the most calm, easy-tempered animal you will ever meet. She had the patience and heart of an angel. She was my first horse ever and was so calm and patient that I was able to do all of her training even right up to breaking her myself.

I am going to miss her more than words can ever say.

Amanda Redmond

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In Tribute To Gypsy
Born:      1992
Passed:  June 13, 2013
Breed:    Morgan, Draft X

As stated in an email to friends and family...Just to let you know I had Doc Cole euthanize my 21 year old equine friend whom I had for eighteen years.

I had hired a fellow with "Just Passing" who helps assist the Vet and takes the remains away.  He offers a horse transport and bereavement service. Greg gave me a braid of her tail and a silk rose. He is a very kind and wise man and most definitely helped me with his comforting words.

Len was his usual wonderful husband self; driving us there and holding me in his arms after. He cried just as much as I did.

I hung onto her lead shank and she went very quickly probably less than a second went by after the Doc gave her the needle. She was gone before she hit the grass.

Gypsy spent the afternoon stuffing her face with grass in the pasture and had her favorite meal of horse kibble mixed with beet pellets just prior to stepping onto the horse trailer.

Anyways, I think that is the best we can all hope for is a quick and painless death. Hope you don't think I am too morbid sharing this with you. I am strangely at peace with it; and believe that one day her and I will be reunited, along with friends, relatives and other pet family members. The pictures of Gypsy will be posted shortly.  I took one just two days ago; and one of her with her grandson Mikko, whose Pappa was a wild mustang stallion. ttyl.

Doreen Zyderveld-Hagel

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Dusky Shadow -- My Big Beautiful Boy
Born:      May 4, 1985
Passed:  March 4, 2013
Breed:    Thoroughbred

In Tribute To
Dusky Shadow (out of Debbie's Passort)

You've been my pal, my best friend ... the love of my life. The time I spent with you was the highlight of my day, every day.

You raced your heart out, my sweet, darling, gentle boy; and touched everyone you met.

You were Hugh's pride and joy since the day you were born.

You've been a real trooper, and the one who really saved ME.  I will carry you now in my heart everywhere I go

Joan (Bennett) Corbeil

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RIP Ranger * Forever & always
Born:      March 18, 2005
Passed:  March 19, 2012
Breed:    Thoroughbred


Horses carry our hopes and dreams on their backs and we carry their heart and soul in our hands.
Sam Mercier

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Post Memorial & Tribute

Somewhere...Somewhere in time's Own Space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some Paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.
~Stanley Harrison
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