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"I have been involved with Greg Alexander for over 10 years and have recognized him to be a compassionate steward of the human/equine bond and a patron of equine rights. The role that he has undertaken in “Just Passing” has been vital for many years to service the horse owning public. In many ways, he has assisted horses to end their years with dignity, and yet in a practical way."
Moore Equine Veterinary Centre

"The Calgary Humane Society is pleased to be associated with Just Passing. They provide excellent service and their customer service and compassion is top rated."
WO (Ret'd) CD, General Manager Operations,
Calgary Humane Society

"It was such a blessing to have the kind words and assistance of Greg Alexander during the tragic passing of an old friend. Many loving years with a horse are relived in the final hours as the inevitable takes hold. Greg's caring heart and considerable experience will be remembered and cherished always."
Horse Owner

"I have known Greg Alexander now for the past 11 years. I first met Greg when I started boarding my gelding at his facility. I immediately understood the gentleness and softness that Greg possesses with horses. When I was moving my 8 month old gelding, the original transporter could not get him into the trailer. I called Greg and the next day he arrived to load my little guy. Within 15 minutes we were loaded and on the road. Greg handled him gently but also with a fair firm hand. Over the years, my gelding had different injuries and illnesses and I was always able to lean on Greg for support and understanding.

Greg has a real love for horses and it is absolutely clear the minute you meet him. Greg does what he does because of his love for these amazing creatures – that is his driving force. Greg has trailered my guy many times for many kilometres and his confidence just seems to stay with the horses once they are loaded until they arrive at their destination.

Unfortunately, we all will have to someday say goodbye to our beloved horses, and for me I could not imagine ever having anyone else but Greg help me through that inevitable moment. He is kind and compassionate and an amazing listener. I would highly recommend Greg for all your horse transporting needs."
Horse Owner

Just Passing founder Greg Alexander was featured on CBC Radio's Calgary Eyeopener.  Listen to Greg's interview to learn more about the unique services provided by Just Passing.

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Greg Alexander is interviewed on CBC Radio about Just Passing

Greg was also interviewed for the Western Producer.

Read the article here:  Saying goodbye to Flicka

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