Born: 1992 Passed: August 5, 2019 Breed: Quarter Horse/Welsh Cross Today was the Perfect Day. Yes there were others but the timing just wasn’t right. But today however was Perfect. The sun was shining and it was warm on her face as she stood in the coolness of the trees and poked her head outContinue reading “The Perfect Day – SWEET MOLLY BROWN”

So Long Our Sweet Boy – NIPPER (Nuff Said)

Born: June 19, 1993 Passed: June 24, 2019 Breed: Pony Thank you for all the love you shared with your whole family. You were a warrior in competition; always going over and above what was expected of you. What a Spirit you had; making sure everyone knew their place and in return you brought suchContinue reading “So Long Our Sweet Boy – NIPPER (Nuff Said)”