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Horse Transport & Bereavement

The bonds we share with our animals are deeply personal and deserve compassion. Our horse bereavement service honours these bonds with respectful, caring service. We provide transport, euthanasia, cremation and horse burial services that honour your companion’s life. Further, we let you celebrate your horse with memorials, tributes and more. Let Just Passing treat your horse with the love and care it deserves in its final hours.

We’re Devoted to Treating You & Your Horse With Dignity, Compassion & Respect
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Our cremation facility is large enough to handle complete horses. We provide both communal and private cremations. After communal services, we spread the ashes in the beautiful mountain meadows of Southern Alberta. For private cremations, we offer complimentary scatter boxes or urns for transport and memorial services.
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The burial services we provide respect local laws and legislation. All burials are conducted at permitted locations in both Calgary and Edmonton. While the municipality is responsible for providing the grave, we transport and unload the body following the natural death or euthanasia of the animal.
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Euthanasia translates from the Greek language to mean “good death.” Our euthanasia services are done humanely, by rifle. They are fast, skillful and straightforward so that the suffering of your animal doesn’t continue any longer than necessary. They are also a great alternative to lethal injection services offered by veterinarians.
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Memories That Last Forever

Horse bereavement takes many forms and respecting the life of a cherished companion can help ease the grief you may be experiencing. We encourage anyone feeling loss to leave a message on our memorials and tributes page, which will remain there as a constant reminder of the life of your horse. Additionally, we can provide resources and suggestions for you to memorialize your animal through jewellery, paintings, sculptures and other creative works.

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Horse Bereavement Services

What’s Different About Just Passing

Our team may be small, but it is composed of talented individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our love of what we do and the passion with which we do it continues to drive us toward innovation and growth. With ranchers, farmers and horse lovers at the core of our business, it is our sincere honour to work with and support you during your difficult situation. Learn how Just Passing can provide you with more than simply end of life services by meeting our team of passionate individuals today.

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How to Proceed When Your Horse Has Passed

Ending your horse’s life to reduce its suffering is never an easy decision. Just Passing can provide advice and support if you’re uncertain. Once the end of life is established, our compassionate and caring representatives will load the animal’s body into one of our trailers and transport it to the appropriate location for your requested service. If you’ve chosen to cremate your horse privately, we provide several urn options. For burials, we will handle transport to the location and offload the body. Let us treat your horse’s memory with the same care and respect you gave during their life.

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