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Equine Euthanasia

What to Do When Your Horse Has Passed

The choice to proceed with equine euthanasia is not made lightly. If you need support, advice or just someone to listen, contact Just Passing. Our staff are supportive and passionate about horses, and we can provide information about veterinarian-assisted euthanasia, our own horse euthanasia services or how to tell when it is time. You don’t have to go it alone. See how our horse bereavement services can help.

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Contacting Just Passing is the first step in the process. We can provide advice regarding euthanasia and recommendations for veterinarians to perform the procedure. We can be on-site during the procedure to assist with transport.


Choosing equine euthanasia is never an easy choice. For our euthanasia services, we use a small calibre firearm in a safe and discreet manner. The death is immediate and will not disfigure the horse.

Humane Removal & Transport

Our staff know how to humanely and discreetly load bodies, and our trailers come equipped with winches to assist us in the process. Owners are not required to help load the animal.

Remembering Your Friend

Every horse has a story. We would appreciate it if you included Just Passing in honouring your companion’s memory by adding a message to our Memorials and Tributes page. For keepsakes, like jewelry or paintings, visit our resources page for a list of tribute services within the equine community.

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Gentle & Humane Equine Euthanasia
From Just Passing

After the completion of the equine euthanasia process, you may wish to bury or cremate your horse. Just Passing can provide transport and fulfillment of these services in a way that respects and honours your companion’s life. We can also provide information about veterinarian-assisted euthanasia upon request. As passionate horse and large animal supporters, we take pride in assisting anyone within the agriculture and equine community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every horse is unique, and choosing euthanasia should not be done lightly. We are here to support and advise you in making this decision for your horse.

Only your veterinarian can administer tranquilizer, and if necessary, they may use it during the euthanasia process.

Typically, euthanasia occurs on the farm, but transport to your veterinarian’s office may be required. During vet-assisted death, a lethal dose of sedative is administered by syringe or catheter and takes effect over the course of several minutes. With Just Passing, we use a small calibre rifle to ensure an immediate and painless death. 

The last conscious reflex is the ability to blink. When the eye is unresponsive to physical stimulation, we are assured that the horse has passed. It is common for the final moments to include some anatomical responses, such as leg or head movements. These do not indicate pain or suffering.

Some owners choose to be present during the process, while others pay their final respects beforehand. Your presence is not required, though we do require you to be at the property to provide final authorization.

When a horse is separated from the herd for euthanasia, the separation can be very stressful for all the horses. When euthanasia is conducted in full view of the herd, it has been our experience that the other horses may gather close to the barn or paddock and communicate with each other. After a brief period, they will disperse, sensing that the euthanized horse has passed.

We use a small calibre firearm in a safe and discreet manner. Death is immediate and does not disfigure the body.

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