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What to Do When Your Horse Has Passed

The loss of an equine companion can be difficult, but it is important to respect their body and life with prompt action. Just Passing provides horse burial services that are available around the clock. We have several trailers equipped with winches, and our staff members have the expertise to load them safely and respectfully. We bury all horses in permitted locations at landfills in Calgary or Edmonton. If you wish to bury your horse on your property, you can find the provincial regulations at this link.

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Contact Just Passing to arrange transport. At this time, we will require information about your location and timeline and can assist in decisions regarding euthanasia if you need support or information.

Humane Removal
& Transport

Our staff are experienced in loading and unloading discreetly and gently, and our trailers come with winches to assist us in the process. You will not be required to assist us.

Offsite Burial at
Designated Site

We bury all horses in either Calgary or Edmonton at landfill locations. We receive permits for the grave, and the city handles the digging and burial while we handle the offloading.

Remembering Your Friend

Remembering the life of your companion is an honour and one that Just Passing would gladly accept. Please leave a memorial to your horse on our Memorials and Tributes page. If you would like a keepsake to remember them by, visit our resources page for a list of unique providers within the equine community.

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Offsite Horse Burial Services
From Just Passing

Just Passing provides compassionate and supportive services for everyone’s needs, whether they be horse cremation, euthanasia or burial. Our staff are prompt and available around the clock to help out when needed. We make removing and burying horses a simple and straightforward process and can also assist you in moving the body on your own property. Keep in mind that private burials must follow strict guidelines set out by the provincial government, which can be viewed here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can bury animals on your property. However, the provincial Disposal of Dead Animals Regulation has several restrictions, which you can learn about here.

All horses are buried in a permitted location at municipal landfill sites in either Edmonton or Calgary.

Just Passing has three large stock trailers, ranging in size from 20’ to 24’. These are equipped with a winch to assist us in loading. Digging and filling the grave is taken care of by the municipality.

The cost of horse burial will vary depending on where in our service range you are located. Contact Just Passing for more information.

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