So Long Our Sweet Boy – NIPPER (Nuff Said)

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Born: June 19, 1993

Passed: June 24, 2019

Breed: Pony

Thank you for all the love you shared with your whole family. You were a warrior in competition; always going over and above what was expected of you. What a Spirit you had; making sure everyone knew their place and in return you brought such happiness and laughter especially when you would just go jump whatever was around on your own because you “felt like it”.

The extreme excitement you would have when you saw a horse trailer thinking you were going to the next show or on an adventure was priceless. Being the same age as your girl and never had been ridden before you both taught each other and thanks to you she is still Eventing and loving every minute of it.

Nipper, you were true to your name with your Nips when you wanted to get a message across or the loving Nips and hugs you would give unconditionally. You always knew who your family was and could always make a dark day bright.

Teaching all three of your girls to ride and how to be independent and responsible at young ages was something that has stayed with them all and as wild as you could be; you always took care of your girls even the youngest when then she was a toddler pinching your nostrils as we all stood and stopped breathing! You were so good to them.

We will not talk about how you broke my tail bone because you didn’t want me on your back and then ran to your girl like I had abused you! I knew right then that my role was to be a “Grandma” and just love you and take care of you on the ground.

Nipper; you were able to enjoy your retirement at a place where you were able to go wherever you wanted on the property; had horse friends that loved you and caretakers that worshipped you. Cushing Disease is terrible and yet you still maintained your majestic self. Handsome; hairy and just a beautiful boy. That last day; you had all your family with you and your girl stayed with you right to the end.

RIP our sweet boy…. until we meet again.
Love and miss you lots.
Your Family

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