Equine Euthanasia

Born: 1992

Passed: August 5, 2019

Breed: Quarter Horse/Welsh Cross

Today was the Perfect Day. Yes there were others but the timing just wasn’t right. But today however was Perfect.

The sun was shining and it was warm on her face as she stood in the coolness of the trees and poked her head out to bask in the warmth of the sun.

She heard the whispers and whickers from the in-between. They called her name. It was time.

Her ears flicked thoughtfully back and forth sorting out what she needed. She energetically called out to the one who would hear and come knowing she was ready and would help.

She turned to honour her pasture mates; they held vigil and gave her room. She pawed at the ground as she was held with love, compassion, empathy and understanding.

The Lady kissed her muzzle and told her she loved her very much.

The Man thanked her from his heart for the love she gave him and he to her.

They told her it was time to go home to run free and to fly.

She remembered all the hearts she touched; all the times she escaped; all the times she carried willing children and all the times she won in the show ring. She was grateful for grazing in the pastures, marching to the beat of her own drum and the adventure of just being free to do as she pleased.

She was tired and wanted to go home.

The nickering became more clearer now. Her spirit hovered above what once was her and waited patiently for the cord to be cut. In a gentle whisp of air, she was released.

In that moment, she was free.

She could feel the energy rush through her and her muscles quivered. Her nostrils opened and flared. She breathed deeply hints of clover, alfalfa and timothy. She was beckoned forward by a hint of roses; and she could see before her the rainbow bridge appearing within the sunset on the horizon.

She moved anxiously, her feet started to prance. “Go,” she heard in a soft voice. “Go now Molly. Be free.”

She reared up and with renewed strength in her hind legs, she launched herself and she sprang forth … galloping up and over the bridge to those who gathered to greet her!

Her pasture mates trumpeted as she flew over them into the great meadow with the sound of her hoof beats still echoing softly as she disappeared into the mist.

This was the perfect day.

Last night we had the privilege and the honour to help Molly cross over the rainbow bridge. We know how many hearts she touched along the way.

She made us smile everyday. She owned her power and didn’t give a rip about anything unless you had molasses cookies. Then you had a use.

We were so grateful to have her as part of our lives … to be her minions and to be at her beckon call. We know many of you have your own stories of her so cherish them; smile at them as we do.

Thanks to Dr Sonja Faulkenberg for her compassion and Greg for treating each of our loved ones with care and respect.

Robbi Motta and Will Fortin

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