Just Passing Horse Transport and Bereavement Services - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - horse hauling, equine end of life, dead horse removal
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Just Passing  is NOW serving NORTHERN ALBERTA!

Greg and Carole are pleased to welcome
Just Passing  Authorized Representative in Northern Alberta

Local rates now offered in Edmonton and surrounding communities.
Call 1-844-680-4177 toll free anywhere in Alberta.
Just Passing  will be there to provide compassionate care for your large animal companions.

Parting with an equine friend through death is a trauma of emotional stress, whether the death is natural or humane.

The decision between life and death is the most difficult a horse owner has to make, followed by the question of how to remove and deal with the remains.

Just Passing specializes in helping you through this difficult time and offers several options, including moving your horse to the final destination of choice.  Plus we provide support and counsel for you in the last moments.

Learn more about our End of Life Services and the available options in Alberta.  We have authorized representatives to assist you, out of Calgary and now Edmonton, too.

Just Passing founder Greg Alexander was featured on CBC Radio's Calgary Eyeopener.  Listen to Greg's interview to learn more about the unique services provided by Just Passing.

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Greg Alexander is interviewed on CBC Radio about Just Passing

Greg was also interviewed for the Western Producer.

Read the article here:  Saying goodbye to Flicka


Just Passing also provides Custom Horse Transport, anywhere in Western Canada, specializing in loading challenges and other special client needs.

Learn more about our Custom Transport Services and the available options.

Just Passing Horse Transport and Bereavement Services - Western Canada - horse memorial, equine tribute, pet euthanasia, pet bereavement
HomeBereavement & End of Life ServicesMemorials & TributesCustom Transport
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Just Passing Horse Transport provides custom horse hauling anywhere in Western Canada. Just Passing Horse Bereavement Services offers end of life services for your equine and other animal companions, including humane euthanasia and transport of remains to the final destination of your choice. Just Passing is owned and operated by Greg Alexander, who has over 30 years experience based at Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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